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Did You Know?
Parental Death Benefit

A child whose parent has died may be eligible for a monthly Social Security benefit through the age of 18. Learn more here.

Grief is hard. These resources will help you understand what you and your children are feeling. There are conversations and activities that can help.

There are a wealth of websites and organizations that provide free information and resources about coping with grief, understanding grief in children and adolescents, and how to support grieving families. There are also reading lists featuring books for different ages that explore grief and loss, links to free family activity kits and videos, and links to online platforms where families and teens can connect with others with similar losses. Also, if you are a friend of a family or child who is grieving, we link to some good articles below that discuss support strategies.

Looking for local resources?

Click here to find community resources across Kentucky for many kinds of loss


National Organizations Supporting Grieving Youth and Families:


Resources For Teachers, Student Support Staff, and School Administrators:

Toolkits and FAQ Resources for Parents/Caregivers/Adults:

Books/Activity Sets:

Preschool-Aged Children's Grief Resources and Activities:

General Grief Support and Coping Resources:

Teen Resources:



Helping Children and Youth Cope After Natural Disasters:

Children and Funerals and Memorial Services:

Resources for Grieving Parents/Caregivers:

Scholarships and College Resources for Bereaved Students:

How to Support Others Who Are Grieving:


Grief and the Holidays:

Recursos de apoyo para el duelo en español:

Supporting children and adolescents when a family member has an advanced serious illness, The Dougy Center​

Supporting children and adolescents after a suicide death, The Dougy Center​

Supporting grieving preschool children, The Dougy Center​

Tips for supporting bereaved children, The Dougy Center​

Tips for supporting a grieving teen, The Dougy Center​

Tips for supporting teens after the death of a close friend, The Dougy Center​

​Responding to Change and Loss, National Alliance for Grieving Children Activity Booklet

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