Current Programs


School-Based Grief Support Groups

In fall 2021, the KCGCF will offer (at no charge) student grief support groups and family/caregiver education and support for youth and families in the following schools in Fayette County:  Meadowthorpe Elementary School; Sandersville Elementary School; Leestown Middle School; Beaumont Middle School; Bryan Station Middle School; Bryan Station High School; Dunbar High School; and Henry Clay High School. If you are interested in having your child join a grief support group, please contact the school’s Family Resource and Youth Services Center or email



Community Referrals

The KCGCF will also work with grieving families to provide community referrals for additional services and supports, including individual therapy and therapeutic recreation opportunities.



Training and Education

The KCGCF will offer expert training in youth bereavement (its hallmarks, trauma-informed strategies for supporting grieving children, how to support grieving families and encourage resilient parenting). Presentations and training can be arranged for schools, churches, social service agencies, workplaces, and community groups.


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Community-Based Grief Support Groups

In 2022, we hope to launch free, community-based grief support groups for children and youth ages 4-18, organized by children’s ages. Talk time will be combined with play and other types of creative healing experiences (such as art, writing, or music). Concurrent parent and caregiver groups will help caregivers understand youth bereavement and offer parenting techniques to strengthen the family as they heal and move forward.