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Our Programs


School-Based Grief Support Groups

The KCGCF offers (at no charge) student grief support groups and family/caregiver education and support for youth and families in the following schools in Fayette County:  Meadowthorpe Elementary School; Sandersville Elementary School; Tates Creek Elementary; Mary Todd Elementary; Coventry Oak Elementary; William Wells Brown Elementary; Booker T. Washington Elementary; Leestown Middle School; Beaumont Middle School; Hayes Middle School; LTMS; Bryan Station Middle School; Bryan Station High School; and Dunbar High School. If you are interested in having your child join a grief support group at their school, please contact the school’s Family Resource and Youth Services Center or email

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Community-Based Grief Support Groups

We offer free, community-based grief support groups for children and youth ages 4-18, organized by children’s ages. Groups are centered around play and other types of interactive and creative healing experiences (such as art, writing, or music). Concurrent parent and caregiver groups will help caregivers understand youth bereavement and offer parenting techniques to strengthen the family as they heal and move forward. Groups meet first and third Thursday nights from 6:15-7:30 at Tates Creek Christian Church in Lexington. Call us or email to register.

The KCGCF also offers Peer Healing, a unique, teen-led online grief support group for teens aged 13-18. The 8 week group meets by zoom in the evenings one night during the week. This research-based curriculum allows teens the opportunity to connect with others who have experienced loss and learn new coping and communication skills that can help them find a new way forward. Since this is an online group, any Kentucky teen is welcome to be part of this program. Call or email us at to register.

NEW! The KCGCF is delighted to partner with Kate's Club of Atlanta, GA to offer access to free, high-quality online grief support groups for young adults aged 18-30. Register online here.


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Training and Education

The KCGCF will offer expert training in youth bereavement (its hallmarks, trauma-informed strategies for supporting grieving children, how to support grieving families and encourage resilient parenting). Presentations and training can be arranged for schools, churches, social service agencies, workplaces, and community groups.



Community/Mental Health Referrals

The KCGCF will work with grieving families to provide community and mental health referrals for additional services and supports, including individual therapy and therapeutic recreational opportunities.


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